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Elegant Abayas

  • Blushing Rose Abaya
    720 EGP

    This floral coloured Abaya is gently pleated with a loose layered top- pretty and modest. FABRIC: polychiffon

  • Dark Beauty Abaya
    720 EGP

    This Abaya has a dramatic full skirt and layered top for a modest elegant look. FABRIC: polychiffon

  • Rose In Bloom Abaya
    695 EGP

    This gorgeous Abaya in a deep rich red exudes sophistication and elegance, has a full and pleated skirt and a silk trimming on the bodice. FABRIC: polychiffon

  • The Real Teal Abaya
    720 EGP

    This beautiful teal Abaya is the perfect piece for your glamourous occasions and those special days with a silk trim detail on the bodice. FABRIC: polychiffon

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